Account Audit and Assistance

Our consulting team has performed audits of hundreds of IOLTA accounts and is available to assist with set-up, clean-up or pre-emptive troubleshooting of accounts for solo practitioners, small firms and title insurance organizations

60 Day Audit

Send in your IOLTA account records and bank statements, and we will:

Organize your records
Input all of your transactions
Reconcile the account
Draft a complete report identifying potential issues and suggested changes to office procedures
Invite you and a guest to one of our online webinars
Provide three additional months free use of the Marathon Records™ application



You will have a balanced IOLTA account


You will have the capability of maintaining your IOLTA account records with simple data entry and automated reconciliation


If you choose, you will have access to our network of bookkeepers

Marathon Records™ account audit agreement:

Marathon Records™, Inc. ( will audit two months of IOLTA account records for a flat fee of $3000, provide three additional months free use of the Marathon Records™ application, and invite you and a guest to one of our next online webinars. The lawyer will pay an initial deposit of $1000 via PayPal here:

Payment of fees over the initial $1000 deposit must be made prior to Marathon Records™ sending the final audit report. By making the initial payment of $1000, the lawyer agrees to the terms of this agreement.

The lawyer must send via pdf, email, or hard copy, three months of all financial records including, but not limited to: (1) the main account register, (2) all individual client ledgers, (3) reconciliation reports, (4) bank statements, (5) disbursement sheets, (6) check stubs, (6) deposit slips, (7) check copies, (8) disbursement sheets, and (9) any other financial records of the transactions during a three month period. All records that are sent must be for the same three month period, with the exact same starting and ending date. Marathon Records™ will be unable to audit any records that are outside of the common starting and ending date. The lawyer will receive a checklist of instructions and items to send via e-mail once the initial payment has been made.

Marathon Records™ will input all of the data into the Marathon Records™ application and reconcile the account. In the event some transactions are unclear based on the information sent by the lawyer, Marathon Records™ will identify all transactions that need research and/or clarification to completely reconcile the account. The lawyer is then responsible for following up and clarifying the questionable transaction(s) or sending Marathon Records™ the clarifying information.

At the completion of the audit, Marathon Records™ will draft an audit report summarizing the audit findings. The report will include a printed copy of the following reports:

  • (1) the main account register.
  • (2) every individual client ledger.
  • (3) the reconciliation report, and
  • (4) a list of all uncleared transactions.

The report will also include suggested procedures on how to maintain accurate records going forward. At any time during the audit, or subsequent three months, the lawyer and a guest are entitled to attend one online webinar produced by Marathon Records™, Inc. At the completion of the audit, the lawyer is entitled to full use of the Marathon Records bookkeeping application for three additional months.

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