Marathon Records™ is your complete IOLTA resource.

IOLTA One™ is the only software application designed specifically to address the record keeping needs of attorneys and title insurers. Our online application can be assessed securely from any computer or device. Keeping compliant records has never been easier or more convenient. We also provide a full range of support, including consulting and audit services and a library of IOLTA resources.

Simplify your IOLTA accounting and reporting. IOLTA One reduces keeping compliant records to a simple data entry function.
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IOLTA One™ makes it easy to:

Track your clients and your IOLTA bank accounts
Record and view multiple transactions covered by a single check
Track outstanding deposits and mark checks as cleared
Record and track funds for each of your client matters
Integrate with QuickBooks to quickly import transactions and apply them to appropriate client matters
Generate and print reports, client matter ledgers and bank account ledgers with a single click   
Create compliant monthly reconciliation reports
Know at a glance the status of your accounts and client matters
Access your records from anywhere at your desk, on your laptop, tablet, or even your smartphone


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