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IOLTA One™ – the only application designed specifically for IOLTA compliance, with a full suite of consulting and auditing services as well as timely informational resources.

No other bookkeeping / accounting packages have the built-in tools or processes to ensure compliance with IOLTA account rules. The IOLTA One application was designed by attorneys and accountants to be cost effective, easy to use and to create compliant records. Keeping compliant IOLTA account records with our tool is a simple data entry function - the register, individual client ledgers, and reconciliation reports will each be automatically created and securely saved with all required information.

And, we don’t just provide a bookkeeping application. We're a complete IOLTA resource center with links to every state's rules and a constantly updated selection of ethical opinions, helpful articles, discussion blogs, video tutorials, and periodic IOLTA webinars designed to keep our clients on top of news and relevant changes that could affect their overall practice and compliance needs.

Account Audit and Assistance - our consulting team has performed audits of hundreds of IOLTA accounts and is available to assist with set-up, clean-up or pre-emptive troubleshooting of accounts for solo practitioners, small firms and title insurance organizations

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